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Our Charges for Work, for You


We wish to be upfront with our scale of charges for work for YOU. As from the Monday 20th June 2016 the following will apply.

Our telephone helpline service on 01823 327155 is free of charge.

Showroom services by appointment or SUNDAYS between 10 am and 2 pm

Demonstration of  controllers and equipment (Your TEST drive) F.O.C.

Teaching or further instruction on using or installing Taunton Controls equipment or any set and pre agreed session am or pm charge of £20.0. per 2 hr.

Loco Testing and chip fitting will be cost of chip plus £10.00. non sound chips.  For sound chip fitting (ESU loksound 4 chip plus speaker) at cost plus fitting £25.00.

THE WORK BELOW WILL BE UNDERTAKEN BY Taunton Town M.R.Club and is NOT a service offered by TAUNTON CONTROLS LTD.

We offer a range of ‘at your HOME’ services. ( ON SITE ) BY Pat and Graham

  • Track laying and wiring
  • Fault finding  in your layout or locos
  • Point conversion

For any of the above we have a standard day rate charge of £90.00.  Our day equals to 6hrs on site time. Any overnight stays required will be at cost. The cost of travelling will be at 15p per mile for the total distance to and from base ( Taunton). Any part day will be charged at £15.00 per hour or part hour.

Example 1 –
Taunton to Bristol area, 50 miles approx.
50 miles x 2 ways @ .15 per mile = £15.
Plus 6hrs @ £90.00.
sum £90 plus £15 = £110. 00.

Taunton Town M.R. Club are pleased to offer Teaching sessions on most aspects of model railway.  Design and construction, wiring and track work, tree building and scenics. We feel that a one to one is better than a class base session. Sessions cost are £20.00. per session ( 2hrs ) We are happy to teach any base skill required you may wish to undertake.

All sessions are given at our Clubroom near Taunton.

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