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We are pleased with the development progress with our new TC612 Master Controller which will have a name as well as its code number. The add-on units for the TC612 will include a 10″ touch screen to replace the standard screen, other large screen options and wifi. We will also be offering “DriveLive”, our new cab view of your track with a recorder to review and share the run to help you and your trainees learn the road.

The Directors of Taunton Controls Ltd have stated that they wish the company to be world leaders in DCC control systems and world leaders in the development of DCC equipment. Further the clients must find our products the very easiest to use and set up. Customer support to be the best in the world. Our Helpline is open 9am to 9pm, 6 days a week, closed Wednesdays, on 01823 327155. We are pleased to report, we have taken a new step forward towards this goal with the development of our new dcc master controller, code number 612. This new design will add a new dimension in controlling model trains and layout. We believe this development will excite all age groups and give the hobby a big boost.

GOOD news the 814 x bus connector will be in stock Thursday 16.03.17. we are also expecting a new supply of 258 decoders in the next 2 months. Bad news our development designer is moving house so ALL development will be halted for the next 8 weeks. MORE GOOD NEWS after a long chat today even more improvements to 611/2 may be on the cards to give a big boost to our customer service capability.

We are sorry for the items that we have sold out of and we hope that new stock will be with us some time soon.
Thanks to you all for your good wishes and continued support, there will be some exciting news before Easter 2017.
May we wish you all a very happy NEW YEAR.

This year has flown past, all too fast for many. We have had to give up going to exhibitions due to my health, but that, thankfully, is now on the mend. ZTC developments are going on a pace and we hope soon to be able to make news of the progress public.
The upgrading process has made it possible to repair 505 and 511 controllers very quickly, collect on Monday, done Tuesday and back to you WEDNESDAY (main land uk only) This service must be booked in by phoning Graham on 01823 327155.
We have issued 611 UPDATE number 18, this update will be live on this site by Monday 3rd October 16.

Great news at last. This week Graham will be contacting everyone who has an upgrade/611 booked to confirm the date it will be done.

We spoke to the factory manager again this week re a date for delivery. Honestly, blood from a stone would be easier! He is going to phone us on Mon 7th, so hopefully we will have some good news then.

Trying to get a fixed delivery date from the factory, I have been given “You will have them by the end of March, but sooner if we can”. Our order was placed at the end of November 2015 , but the factory has moved over the Christmas holiday and the Chinese new year is also adding to the delays, Some of the components come from China. Pat and I are very sorry for this delay and hope you will bear with us until we can supply your orders. Once again we will contact you all as soon as we have the FIXED date.

At last we have been able to put in an order for 611 controllers and 611 motherboards to the factory. We estimate delivery will be the end of Feb and will contact everyone once we have a confirmed date. Thank you all for your patience.

The new engineer has already put right the problems that the last person had tried to modify and thing are NOW going to start moving on. more good news as it comes, Graham.

As the design engineer seemed unable/unwilling to correct the design modification to the 611 motherboard, we have found a more suitably qualified engineer who is tackling the problem. We hope to be able to give good news in the near future.

We apologise to all who are expecting an upgrade or a new controller for the delay and ask that you bear with us. The so called simple modification we planned to do during the summer has over run and has thrown up a problem. The software and hardware people are now discussing the best way to solve it and we hope to be able to give some good news in the next week or so. We would like to reassure all customers who have orders placed that their orders WILL be fulfilled as soon as we can and again are sorry for the delay.

The programmers and PCB guru’s are taking much longer than we had anticipated to get the modification correct. We are expecting confirmation in the next week that everything is now good and we will be able to place the order. Delivery we are told is 8 weeks from then. (Graham is fast running out of hair to pull out!)

The next batch of 611’s and upgrade boards has been delayed until at least September. This is due to a modification to the 611 motherboard which we are testing at this time. As and when further news is available we will post the news here. We are sorry for the delay and any inconvenience this may cause but we are sure that the new design will be more robust and be worth waiting for.

THE first 611’s have been sent out BUT we have not got the new handbook yet this will be posted to ALL OWNERS and upgrade OWNERS as soon as we have it.

The 611 will be with us by the end of JANUARY this year at last. Many sleepless nights have past and the problems are sinking in the past at last. The factory here in Somerset says that all is on schedule and we should collect the first production batch on the 29th Jan for dispatch over the next few days. ALL pre booked units will be dispatched as soon as we can after collection.
611 upgrades will be started very shortly after. The pre booked clients will be contacted in turn starting on the 26th jan.

611 News we hope to collect the first production batch of controllers today ready to take to the programmers on Monday , one day ahead of schedule. New photo to be posted here some time this evening, keep looking.

NEW Exhibition Stand build progress, the 3rd. pod was put together yesterday and Pat hand sanded the first two pods and the carousel unit very smooth, the stand will be at The Fareham show on the 4/5 October. We hope to meet you there.

New Stand has been to 2 exhibitions and it seems to be working well for us. Hope to meet at Peterborough this coming weekend. Please say hi and give us your opinion of the stand.

622 hand held – We have a good stock of 622 handheld controllers.

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