Taunton Controls 612 Master Controller


Taunton Controls NEW 612 Master Controller


The Proposed new 612 Master controller

We offer an outline overview off our new 612 Master controller.

The controller will be in the same size case as the 611 and 511.

The 612 will be our new base level controller and its colour will be blue and will be the  first controller of this series to have a name, The AMBASSADOR.

All existing 505, 511 and 611 will be able to be upgraded to 612 specification.

The 612 is being designed to be the base unit and will have add-ons to give extra features to  the owner as she or he wishes.

  • A full 28 functions.  (max inside NMRA standard).   
  • Functions selectable to be latched or momentary operation.
  • No bias to direction of lighting.
  • Roster capacity 250 locos.
  • Programming output boosted to handle sound chips up to G gauge.
  • Programming with the 612 will be very simple.
  • Direct connection to computer, via printer cable, interface built in. Will work with JMRI.
  • Future upgrades via our usb stick or download from this website. (for computer experts only).
  • Presets (routes) memory 300 routes by 100 elements per route.
  • Speed steps – 128 as default with 18 and 24 as options.
  • Output stabilised during initialisation.
  • Compatible with ZTC 505, ZTC 511,611 and 622 handheld controllers as well as 550 booster, 304 accessory decoder and 302 dcc point motor.
  • TC612 Controller will have a choice of screens from standard to 10″ touch screen.
  • TC 612 Controller will have add-ons to give more exciting features than any other controller system
  • Wall display screens
  • Wi-Fi for connection to your own tablets/phone
  • TC 611 Controller demo by appointment  call 01823 327155.

Reserve your new 612 or upgrade by calling 01823 327155 no deposit required at this stage.