505, 511 and 611 Upgrade to 612 spec.


505, 511 and 611 Controllers can soon be upgraded to 612 standard.

All Taunton Controls Ltd. Controllers are  NMRA compatible.

The upgrade will remove the existing motherboard,

which includes the buttons and leds,

and be replace with the NEW 612 spec motherboard.

With a booked slot your controller will be picked up on a Monday and be back to you on the Friday of the same week.

The price will include collection and delivery to UK main land only.

 ZTC Owners Club members will receive 5% from the price of the upgrade, excluding collection and delivery charges. 

We have upgrade agents in Australia  and Canada. Booking is via Graham in the UK, if you do not wish to phone the UK then please send your name and phone number by post or email and I will ring you. As the price in the UK includes Shipping both ways and VAT, this will be deducted from your UK bill,  cost of your local both way postage will be agreed between you and your local agent.

As we can not control your local agent’s time, he will agree the time scale with you.

Upgrades from any where else in the world will be done in the UK by us.



Upgrade System.


 You book a slot for your upgrade by phoning  Graham on 01823 327155,   I will need your controller number and your address and email (if you do not belong to the ZTC owners club). PLEASE NOTE WE ARE NOT ASKING FOR DEPOSITS AT THIS STAGE.


 You will be called by Graham to inform you of the price and extras and you will then have 7 days to decide if you wish to make an order.

Your slot booking  will be confirmed when you call to order and pay  a deposit. We will send by post a courier bag for you to put your controller in, well wrapped and in its box, to hand to the driver.  


 Your controller will be collected on a Monday. You will be advised of time of collection, by DPD local.

PLEASE NOTE any non collection will be re-arranged at your EXTRA cost


Your controller will be upgraded and tested. It will be returned to you by the Friday of the same week, again you will be advised of the time of delivery.    

Collection MONDAY returned to you FRIDAY

Please note, I can not say when the next upgrade batch will be, as this is controlled by demand and production control., t.b.a. (the delay has been due to development work on the 612 mother board to improve the way it works with the New big screens).

I do hope you will find this helpful.

The system will start as soon as the 612 is in production   Please remember to have an upgrade you must pre book it into our system there is no charge until we can give a date and firm price.