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Owners Club Membership Form

To become a member of the owners club you must be an approved ztc controller owner, and to ensure that all members are owners you will be asked to give details only an owner would have access to.

The Club will be run as a members club and the members views will be noted at all times.

The forum is the way to voice your thoughts and opinions and, if required, support.

The Club will be run by Graham and Pat for the time being. We hope that regional groups can be formed by the membership, to be followed by local meetings.

There will be a small registration/annual fee to cover any cost of running the club. This has been set for 2015 at £5.00 and will run for 1 year from the date you join.

The aims of this Club are to provide help and support to other owners and promote the product in an independent way.

Application method.

Step 1.
Please complete the registration form below and submit it with the £5.00 membership fee which can be paid through the shop.


Step 2.
When we receive your form and payment we will then enrole you as a member and send you an email with your membership information.

if you have any problems please contact us by phone 01823 327155

Graham and Pat. 

Member Registration

Important Information

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