Our Helpline Service

OUR Help line service.
The help line service is open to all via the phone on 01823 327155 between 9 am and 9 pm 6 Days a week. Closed on Wednesdays.

PLEASE NOTE it is faster to phone me rather than email
We are closed all day Wednesdays.

PLEASE REMEMBER…..if it don’t work…..call me FIRST…..DO NOT OPEN THE CASE !!


Some of the regular questions that I am asked, that may help you.

Before we start, in 99% of cases owners think that it is the controller that has failed BUT this unit is very rarely at fault so I start from what have we done to upset it.

Q1. MY controller has stopped working my trains.
Q1a. My controller can only run trains one way.
Q1b. My hand held controller will only run trains one way or very slowly.

Q1. answer In most cases this type of problem can be fixed by RE-CALIBRATION. [511 manual page 52 section 12] see re-calibration section in 505 or hand held manuals. Please NOTE this is very easy to do, but you should be careful to do each step as you are told. If this does not work then try again up to three times until you get it right. SHOULD you think that you are doing it right and it still makes NO improvement

Please feel free to call Graham on 01823 327155

Q1a. answer 1a I have found that if you have tried Q1. answer with no improvement, then try a Factory reset.( please note this will clear all memory and presets).
From the manual 511 page 20 section 4.1 Setting System Parameters PLEASE READ or 505 page 16 section 4.1

To factory reset key

Q1b. answer. Hand held 620 or 622 units you should read page 13 of the hand held manual sections 7 and 8.

Q2. My controller only runs 1 loco.

Q2. answer The controller is set in D.C. mode. If your unit is set in D.C. mode you will have 1 LED at the far right of the controller showing.

Please Note When working in D.C.C. mode you should have 2 led lights on the top right hand side of the controller

Q3. My controller is very hot.

Q3. answer. If the controller has been on for about an hour the unit should be HAND HOT, however if it becomes to HOT to the hand and has been on for 3-4 hrs a short rest may be good for both you and the unit. I have found that this year (2013) during the very hot days, I gave my 511 a 10 minute rest . This high temperature running has had no lasting bad effect.

Q4. Can I run a DC loco on a ZTC controller, say for running in before fitting my chip.

Q4. answer. YES but only 1 loco at a time, please note the DC loco will hum when it is on the track,
THIS IS NOT A FAULT and NO damage is being done to ether the motor or controller.

To run a DC loco key

set reverser and open regulator THIS can be done during a DCC running section, ie. with other DCC locos.

How to wire up a ZTC cdu.